September 1st 2023

    New release (alternative/acoustic): Herman de Kok - A Second Thought ... A Second Chance


July 14th 2023

    New release (indie core): We Fall Slowly - Pulling Out Threads


June 16th 2023

    New release (rock): Penelope - Anny


May 5th 2023

    New release (indie core): We Fall Slowly - Amphetamine Blues


Mar 23rd 2023

    New release (indie core): We Fall Slowly - Furche


Dec 2nd 2022

    New release (thrash metal): Ripsaw - 15 Skullbashing Years EP


July 15th 2022

    New release (ambient/alternative): Soust - Natsukashii


May 7th 2021

    New release (rock): Penelope - Thin Line (single)


July 16th 2021

    New release (alternative): Before The Drop - What If (single)



June 18th 2021

    New release (alternative): Before The Drop - Watch Out (single)



May 14th 2021

    New release (alternative): Before The Drop - Waves (single)



May 7th 2021

    New release (rock): Penelope - Constant Overload (single)



April 16th 2021

    New release (alternative): Before The Drop - Rendez-vous (single)



April 9th 2021

    New release (alternative): Herman de Kok - Interview Part 2


March 12th 2021

    New release (rock): Barosz - Mindstealer (EP)


October 23rd 2020

    New release (rock): My Own Army - These Gentle Days (digital release only)


September 4th 2020

    New release (rock): Vortex Surfer - Versailles (vinyl release)


September 4th 2020

    New release (alternative): Herman de Kok - Interview Part 1


April 30th 2019

    New release (metal): Newborn Lunatics - Sick & Sore (digital release only)


April 29th 2019

    New release (rock): Rough Rockers - Smoke & Mirrors


Available as 5 track CD digipack or 5 track limited edition red vinyl.

CD tracklist:
        01. No More Heroes (2019)
        02. Murder At Midnight
        03. Smoke & Mirrors
        04. Rebel At Heart (2019)
        05. Rebel At Heart (unplugged)

Buy CD digipack:

Vinyl tracklist:
        Side A
        01. No More Heroes (2019)
        02. Murder At Midnight
        03. Rebel At Heart (2019)

        Side B
        04. Smoke & Mirrors
        05. Unleash The Beast (vinyl exclusive track)

Buy vinyl:

April 19th 2019

    New release (thrash metal): Mass Deception - Redemptions


Available as 14 track CD digipack.

CD tracklist:
        01 – Once Upon a Time in the Waste
        02 – Final Fallout
        03 – Hell on Earth
        04 – Masters of the Grid
        05 – Death by Design
        06 – Agenda 21
        07 – The Prepper
        08 – For a Few Guilders More
        09 – The Gunslinger
        10 – Social Justice Warriors
        11 – Crushing the Collective
        12 – Revelations
        13 – Redemptions
        14 – Resurrections

Buy CD digipack:

March 1st 2019

    New release (alternative/indie): Before The Drop - Everything (single - digital release only)



February 1st 2019

    New release (alternative/indie): Before The Drop - Someday (single - digital release only)



January 26th 2019

    New release (alternative metal): Transpunk - Champagne Pigs


The 1996 ground breaking album 'Champagne Pigs' available on black vinyl as a limited, numbered 180 grams audiophile edition, wrapped in redesigned stellar artwork.

Buy at webstore:

January 4th 2019

    New release (alternative/indie): Before The Drop - One Chance (single - digital release only)



December 14th 2018

    New release (alternative/electro): Huub Holtman - Blief (single - digital release only)


November 16th 2018

    New release (blues rock): Off The Grid - Why You Talk To Strangers


        Track List:

        01. Why You Talk To Stranges
        02. Back In Town
        03. Lucky Tonight
        04. Suzy The Copper
        05. Say A Prayer
        06. On The Road Again
        07. No More Stars
        08. I’m In Love With You

Available as digipack CD:

Buy on vinyl:

October 5th 2018

    New release (rock): 90 Day Jane - Daylight


        Track List:

        01. All That I Know
        02. Daylight
        03. What Are You Waiting For

September 21st 2018

    New release (alternative rock): Joe Matera - Waiting For The Sun


        Track List:

        1 All Night Long
        2 Waiting For The Sun
        3 Inside Looking Out
        4 Semantics
        5 Movin’ On
        6 Take A Look

Available as EP CD:

September 9th 2018

    New release (indie rock): We Fall Slowly - Along The Way


        Track List:

        1 Bring it Home
        2 Let it slide
        3 Lift me Up
        4 Try
        5 When The Lights Go Out

Available as EP CD (single jewelcase):

June 29th 2018

    New release (alternative rock): My Own Army - A Medicine Show


        Track List:

        1 Misplaced Memories
        2 Married in Concrete
        3 Overboard
        4 A Single Bite
        5 Handwritten

Available as EP CD (digipack):

June 15th 2018

    New release (sludge/doom/drone): Bitcho - Toybox (2009 re-issue)


        Track List:

        1 Lost Me There?
        2 Straightjacket
        3 Guttkill
        4 Expectations
        5 You IV

June 15th 2018

    New release (sludge/doom/drone): Bitcho - 10050 Cielo Drive (taken from Split LP with Huata) (2013 re-issue)


May 18th 2018

    New release (hard rock): Unity - Promised Land (2014 re-issue)


        Track List:

        1 Promised Land
        2 Kangaroo
        3 Eyes Of Fire
        4 Lost Highway
        5 Bloody Ride
        6 Under My Pillow (Love)
        7 Blue Paradise
        8 Between The Past
        9 Sunday Mom
        10 Story Of Sad Tinkerbell

Available as jewel case CD:

May 7th 2018

RVPrecords opens new web store:

Monday May 7th RVPrecords opens a brand new webshop. In this way, we can sell all our record label's releases ourselves. Albums, singles, vinyl or merchandise, everything is for sale in our new RVPrecords Store. Payments are made even more easy, you can pay via iDeal, credit card, PayPal or even with bitcoins.

CD's of RVPrecords-artists
In our new Store you can buy the new releases of RVPrecords artists. Every release will be announced long before the release date with a pre-order option as well. Making sure you'll be the first to play the new album of your favorite artist at home. If you want to have a listen to the artists first? Order one of the RVPrecords sample CD's for only 2 euro!

Package deals
On our website we've already had some discounts for packages of multiple albums. In the new RVPrecords Store you can also find these package deals. On our special sales-page you can find all these deals. With a special coupon code you can order CD's with big discounts.

Welcome discount
To celebrate the opening of our new Store, we offer a 10% discount on your first purchase (minimum order amount: 15 euro). This special discount is available during the month May. Use the coupon code "Welcome2018" and take full advantage of the offer. Only this month.

New in our Store is the merchandise. On our special merchandise page you can buy a new shirt of your favorite RVPrecords artist. Expect more goodies of different bands soon.

Reliable and simple
The new RVPrecords Store is part of the website of RVPrecords. You don't have to leave your home to shop for the best music. You can order your music directly at the record company, no intermediary is involved. Safe and simpel!

    Go and visit:

February 23rd 2018

    New release (metal): Newborn Lunatics - Still Thinking About It


February 16th 2018

    New release (metal): Ripsaw - Raise My Glass


01 Sohtym
02 Skullbash Brotherhood
03 Trash Attack
04 Toxic Waves
05 Raise My Glass

January 20th 2018

    New release (Alternative indie-Rock): We Fall Slowly - My Turn (release: January 20th)


Available as EP CD (digipack):

December 1st 2017

    New release (Alternative Rock): Huub Holtman - Trap Door (album)


10 ZON

Available as album CD (digisleeve):

November 3rd 2017

    New release (Alternative Rock): Huub Holtman - Trap Door (single)


October 6th 2017

    New release (Progressive Rock): Nem-Q - 301.81 [Re: Diagnosed]


Track list:
1-Oracle (rerecorded)
2-Comfort Zone (rerecorded)

September 29th 2017

    New release (rock): Joe Matera - Heart Of Stone


Track list:
1-Intro V
2-Heart Of Stone
3-Heart Of Stone (acoustic)
4-Live To Rock
5-Shining Star (Live in London)
6-Tell Me Why (Live in London)
7-Louder Than Words (Live in London)
8-Fallen Angel
9-Feel Your Love

Available as album CD (digipack):


Available as package deal Heart of Stone (CD digipack) & Now And Then (CD digipack) with the coupon code "JoeMateraPackage" at the store

September 8th 2017

    New release (rock): Marc Meesters - Compromise


Track list:
1-The Game
2-Against The Wall
3-Free Falling

August 25th 2017

    New release (prog-rock): Clockwork - Unbreakable EP


Available as album CD (sleeve):

August 17th 2017

    New release (metal): Ripsaw - Skullbashing Batlles "Live" EP


August 14th 2017

    New release (metal): Ripsaw - Promo EP


July 13th 2017

    New release (pop): Red Hot - I Try


June 9th 2017

    New release (stoner/doom): Sunburn - Down With The Sun


Available as CD (digipack):

May 12 2017

    New release (metal): Spitting Nails - Red Dawn


Track list:
1-Red Dawn
2-The Burden
4-Turn off the Light
5-Day of Sorrow
6-The Haunting
7-One Last Time
8-I Defy
9-Empty Arms
10-The Darkest Hour

Available as album CD (jewel case):

April 28 2017

    New release (Metal core): Phoenix'ashes - Sheep Amongst Wolves (single)


April 20 2017

    New release (various artists): RVPrecords sampler #2


Track list:
1-GOOM-Universal Evils
2-Nem-Q-Fault Lines
3-Phoenix'Ashes-Until all we have left is slipping away
4-Unity-Bad Reputation
5-Terrafyght-Bound for Glory
6-Battles of 1977-Geronimo
7-Mass Deception-They Live
8-The Scalding-Edge of Sanity
9-Joe Matera-Feel Your Love
10-Faith Healer-Mean Machine
11-We Fall Slowly-Let it Go
12-Penelope-Superstar Idol
13-Wigg-Sparkling Glance

Available as album CD (wallet):

April 4 2017

    New release (Metal core): Phoenix'ashes - Lost (single)


february 25 2017

    New release (Indie Rock): We Fall Slowly - The Change


february 3 2017

    New release (Hard Rock): Unity - Almost There


Available as jewel case CD:

january 21 2017

    New release (Progressive Rock): Nem-Q - Fault Lines


Available as double-disc album digipack:

october 15 2016

    New release (Melodic Hard Rock): Terrafyght - Beneath


Track list:
1-Bound for Glory
2-The Human Contribution
3-Shoot for the Moon
7-My Vendetta
8-Elclectic Maze
9-Riders' Fate
10-Urban Damnation
11-Hollow Words

august 1 2016

    New release (Thrash metal): Mass Deception - Revelations


Track list:
1-As above, so below
2-Divide and rule
3-Condemned to repeat
4-They live
5-Architects of control
6-Ancient of days
7-Weapons of mass deception
8-Defiant to the end
10-Criminally insane

july 9 2016

    New release (indie-rock): We Fall Slowly - Lose Your Heart


Released as a DVD digipack containing five videos and digital download with two audio tracks ('Lose Your Heart' and 'Let It Go')

Track list:
1-Lose Your Heart
2-Let it Go
3-Let Me Go (acoustic)
4-Lose Your Heart (acoustic)
5-The making of Lose Your Heart


june 17 2016

    New release (Brazilian instrumental metal): Giant Gutter From Outer Space - Black Bile


Track list:
1-circles of interference
2-whether if it was a dream or not
3-joy and misery
4-funeral under my window
5-opium and reminiscence
6-memory, the enemy

march 21 2016

    New release (heavy rock): Penelope - Superstar Idol


         The track is the soundtrack for the short movie 'Patch' (black comedy).
         Produced by Karen Spanjer for Dutch Cheez Productions. Directed by Kristjan Knigge.


march 19 2016

    New release (emo/rock metal): Phoenix'Ashes - When loved ones are lost, we know that love never shall be;
    And death will have no power over us.


Track list:
1-Until all we have left is slipping away
2-Off The Record
3-Monsters Are Only Real If You Allow Them To Be
4-Holding Close
5-The Fire
6-What we all face, is what we fear most

march 1 2016

    New release (progressive metal): Project Masquerade - Nothing but everything will remain


Track list:
2-Carve Your Heart
3-Restless Souls
4-Killer of Life
6-King of the Wastelands

february 19 2016

    New release (progressive rock): Nem-Q - Fault Lines (Subduction Zone)


Track list:
1-Inner Struggle
2-Shooting Stars

Available as a hard copy wallet.

february 10 2016

    There are only very few Circus Mayhem T-shirts left. The last ones are up for sale.

    Check available sizes and grab one of the last few V-neck black shirts with gold print.


Buy T-shirt via PayPal (EUR 12,- incl shipping)


february 1 2016

    New release (rock): Joe Matera - Now And Then


Track list:
1-Louder Than Words
3-Movin' On
4-Shining Star
5-Feel Your Love
6-Brick By Brick
7-Days Gone By
8-Fallen Angel
9-Cruise Control
10-Slave To The Fingers
11-Terra Firma
12-Guilty Pleasures
13-Tell Me Why

Exclusive Benelux 'best of' release. Available as a hard copy digipack.

november 28 2015

    Expected new release 'Fault Lines (Subduction Zone) by Nem-Q (February 19th 2016);
    a sneak preview of some rehearsal recordings:

Track list:
1-Inner Struggle
2-Shooting Stars

november 20 2015

    New release (rock): Wigg - Sally


Track list:
1-Hooked on wheels
3-Loving doll
4-Glad to be back
5-Sparkling glance
6-Behaviour of bullets
8-Happiness at will

october 16 2015

    New release (rock): Faith Healer - Back to Zero


Track list:
1-Send Me A Sign
2-Going With The Flow
3-Love Is A Crime
4-Grain In The Sand
5-Mean Machine
6-Keep On Dreaming (new piece of heaven)
7-On The Run
8-Why Don't We Go
9-Be My Serpentine
10-Tell Us Who You Are
12-Hungry For Rock

october 24 2015

    New release (Alternative rock): One Wonders - Heart over Mind


Track list:
1-The Warmth Inside
2-Land of Gold
3-Dance to Stay
4-The Redeemer

october 1 2015

    New release (Extreme death-metal): The Scalding - Edge of Sanity


september 4 2015

    New release (rock-metal-crossover): Battles of 1977 - Broken Arrow, Repeat Broken Arrow part 2


Track list:
1-Bleeding My Blood Away
2-Army Of Careerists
3-Broken Enemies
4-Crazy Glue
5-Goose Stepping With The Marionets
6-Money By Repetition
7-The Art Of Paratrooping
8-Can't You See The People At The Party Are Phoney
10-Ironclad Battledressed
11-Victory Parade

july 31 2015

    New release (metal): Phoenix'Ashes - Until all we have left is slipping away (single)


april 24 2015

    New release (metal): Phoenix'Ashes - What we all face, is what we fear most (single)


april 16 2015

    New release (stonre/heavy rock): GOOM - Solar Motel (CD & LP)


Track list:
1-Universal Evils
2-Broke the Mold
3-King Instigator
5-Who is Your God
6-Never Trust a Pretty Face
7-Black and White
8-Just Like Rats
10-Lend me Your Blood
11-Battles Frozen
12-Rivers Run Dry

Available as hard copy vinyl (CD disc included)

april 1 2015

    New release (indie-rock): We Fall Slowly - Do You Wanna / Cold Again (single)


march 6 2015

    New release (rock-metal-crossover): Battles of 1977 - Broken Arrow, Repeat Broken Arrow part 1


Track list:
1-Broken Arrow
3-The Cocksucker
4-Days Of Rage
5-Go Take A Flying Fuck
6-You Aint On My Frequency (But You Still Keep On Talking)
9-Iron Soul
10-Loose Cannon Factory
11-Like Monkeys Fucking A Football
12-No More Music By The Suckers
13-Stand Alone
14-That Game

february 27 2015

    New release (indie-rock): 90 Day Jane - Essence of Time


february 14 2015

    New release (indie-rock): We Fall Slowly - Right Here (acoustic version ft. Elynn)

     Available as digital download only.


february 5 2015

    New release (metal): Defcon One - The Perfection of Slavey

     Available as digipack hard-copy and digital download.


january 22 2015

    New release (emo/rock/metal): Phoenix'Ashes - Monsters are only real if you allow them to be (single)


september 27 2014

    New release (rock): We Fall Slolw - Butterfly Guillotine (EP)


    For now the new EP is only available as hard copy. Also 'We Fall Slowly' will release two more singles later this year.

september 15 2014

    New release (rock): Faith Healer - Turn Up Sound


september 12 2014

    New release (rock): Penelope - Bounce Back


september 10 2014

The new RVPrecords YouTube Channel is available:

august 23 2014

    New release (rock): We Fall Slolw - Take My Hand


    Also 'We Fall Slowly' will release an EP (hard-copy only) and two more singles later this year.

august 8 2014

    RVPrecords sampler #1, featuring some of the RVPrecords artists, is now available at the webstore