RVPrecords is a Dutch record label, started in 2012, run by Twan Bakker, with a variety of interests in several genres of music.
Initially intended to release the albums of my own bands, and now I'm expanding my label to help and stimulate bands to get their hard work noticed. I'm running this label because of my passion and love for good music.

  • world wide digital distribution of albums, EP or single tracks
  • Benelux physical distribution
  • hard copy sales on RVPrecords webshop
  • release in all the popular download platforms
  • UPC and catalogue number
  • album printing/duplication/replication
  • addition to the RVPrecords catalogue
  • custom promotional package for media attention and airplay
  • promotion via RVPrecords social media and website
  • sales reports
  • quarterly payments of royalties
  • you won't sign away your intellectual property or copyrights
iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Nokia Music, Ziggo Muziek, Net5, SBS6, Zazell, Glandigo, Downloadmusic, Media Gigant, Mikki Music, Legal Download, Muziekweb, Samsung, Target Media, Juke, 538, Whapp, etc
  • If you're interested in having your album, EP or single released, or with questions about other/additional services:
    contact RVPrecords at: info (at) rvprecords.com.

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    E-mail: info (at) rvprecords.com
    KVK: 58347976
    Affiliated with RVPmedia.