Release schedule

August 25th 2017 - Clockwork - Unbreakable EP

September 8th 2017 - Marc Meesters

September 29th 2017 - Joe Matera

October 6th 2017 - 301.81 [RE: diagnosed] - Nem-Q

October 2017 - Ripsaw - T-RIPSAWrus-Rex


August 18th 2017

    Available for pre-order (prog-rock): Clockwork - Unbreakable EP


August 17th 2017

    New release (metal): Ripsaw - Skullbashing Batlles "Live" EP


August 14th 2017

    New release (metal): Ripsaw - Promo EP


July 13th 2017

    New release (pop): Red Hot - I Try


June 9th 2017

    New release (stoner/doom): Sunburn - Down With The Sun


May 12 2017

    New release (metal): Spitting Nails - Red Dawn


Track list:
1-Red Dawn
2-The Burden
4-Turn off the Light
5-Day of Sorrow
6-The Haunting
7-One Last Time
8-I Defy
9-Empty Arms
10-The Darkest Hour

Available as album pre-order CD (jewel case): EUR 12,- (incl world wide shipping) via Paypal

April 28 2017

    New release (Metal core): Phoenix'ashes - Sheep Amongst Wolves (single)


April 20 2017

    New release (various artists): RVPrecords sampler #2


Track list:
1-GOOM-Universal Evils
2-Nem-Q-Fault Lines
3-Phoenix'Ashes-Until all we have left is slipping away
4-Unity-Bad Reputation
5-Terrafyght-Bound for Glory
6-Battles of 1977-Geronimo
7-Mass Deception-They Live
8-The Scalding-Edge of Sanity
9-Joe Matera-Feel Your Love
10-Faith Healer-Mean Machine
11-We Fall Slowly-Let it Go
12-Penelope-Superstar Idol
13-Wigg-Sparkling Glance

Available as album CD (wallet): EUR 4,- (incl world wide shipping) via Paypal

April 4 2017

    New release (Metal core): Phoenix'ashes - Lost (single)


february 25 2017

    New release (Indie Rock): We Fall Slowly - The Change


february 3 2017

    New release (Hard Rock): Unity - Almost There


Jewel case CD: EUR 12,- (incl world wide shipping) via Paypal


Special Faith Healer / Unity package deal: EUR 17,- (incl world wide shipping) via Paypal

january 21 2017

    New release (Progressive Rock): Nem-Q - Fault Lines


Available as double-disc album digipack: EUR 14,- (incl world wide shipping) via Paypal


Special Nem-Q package deal: EUR 18,- (incl world wide shipping) via Paypal

october 15 2016

    New release (Melodic Hard Rock): Terrafyght - Beneath


Track list:
1-Bound for Glory
2-The Human Contribution
3-Shoot for the Moon
7-My Vendetta
8-Elclectic Maze
9-Riders' Fate
10-Urban Damnation
11-Hollow Words

PayPal order: EUR 12,- (incl shipping)

august 26 2016

    RVPrecords partnered up with 'Holland Media Groep' for the Dutch webshop sales and payments via iDeal.

    Check out all the releases in the webshop:

august 1 2016

    New release (Thrash metal): Mass Deception - Revelations


Track list:
1-As above, so below
2-Divide and rule
3-Condemned to repeat
4-They live
5-Architects of control
6-Ancient of days
7-Weapons of mass deception
8-Defiant to the end
10-Criminally insane

PayPal order: EUR 12,- (incl shipping)

july 9 2016

    New release (indie-rock): We Fall Slowly - Lose Your Heart


Released as a DVD digipack containing five videos and digital download with two audio tracks ('Lose Your Heart' and 'Let It Go')

Track list:
1-Lose Your Heart
2-Let it Go
3-Let Me Go (acoustic)
4-Lose Your Heart (acoustic)
5-The making of Lose Your Heart

Buy hard copy DVD via PayPal - EUR 7,- incl shipping


june 17 2016

    New release (Brazilian instrumental metal): Giant Gutter From Outer Space - Black Bile


Track list:
1-circles of interference
2-whether if it was a dream or not
3-joy and misery
4-funeral under my window
5-opium and reminiscence
6-memory, the enemy

Buy digipack hard copy via PayPal

EUR 10,- incl shipping

march 21 2016

    New release (heavy rock): Penelope - Superstar Idol


         The track is the soundtrack for the short movie 'Patch' (black comedy).
         Produced by Karen Spanjer for Dutch Cheez Productions. Directed by Kristjan Knigge.


march 19 2016

    New release (emo/rock metal): Phoenix'Ashes - When loved ones are lost, we know that love never shall be;
    And death will have no power over us.


Track list:
1-Until all we have left is slipping away
2-Off The Record
3-Monsters Are Only Real If You Allow Them To Be
4-Holding Close
5-The Fire
6-What we all face, is what we fear most

Buy hard copy via PayPal (EUR 7,- incl shipping).

march 1 2016

    New release (progressive metal): Project Masquerade - Nothing but everything will remain


Track list:
2-Carve Your Heart
3-Restless Souls
4-Killer of Life
6-King of the Wastelands

february 19 2016

    New release (progressive rock): Nem-Q - Fault Lines (Subduction Zone)


Track list:
1-Inner Struggle
2-Shooting Stars

Available as a hard copy wallet.

Order hard copy via PayPal (EUR 7,- incl shipping)

february 10 2016

    There are only very few Circus Mayhem T-shirts left. The last ones are up for sale.

    Check available sizes and grab one of the last few V-neck black shirts with gold print.


Buy T-shirt via PayPal (EUR 12,- incl shipping)


february 1 2016

    New release (rock): Joe Matera - Now And Then


Track list:
1-Louder Than Words
3-Movin' On
4-Shining Star
5-Feel Your Love
6-Brick By Brick
7-Days Gone By
8-Fallen Angel
9-Cruise Control
10-Slave To The Fingers
11-Terra Firma
12-Guilty Pleasures
13-Tell Me Why

Exclusive Benelux 'best of' release. Available as a hard copy digipack.

Order hard copy via PayPal (EUR 12,- incl shipping)

november 28 2015

    Expected new release 'Fault Lines (Subduction Zone) by Nem-Q (February 19th 2016);
    a sneak preview of some rehearsal recordings:

Track list:
1-Inner Struggle
2-Shooting Stars

november 20 2015

    New release (rock): Wigg - Sally


Track list:
1-Hooked on wheels
3-Loving doll
4-Glad to be back
5-Sparkling glance
6-Behaviour of bullets
8-Happiness at will

Order hard copy via PayPal (EUR 7,- incl shipping)

october 16 2015

    New release (rock): Faith Healer - Back to Zero


Track list:
1-Send Me A Sign
2-Going With The Flow
3-Love Is A Crime
4-Grain In The Sand
5-Mean Machine
6-Keep On Dreaming (new piece of heaven)
7-On The Run
8-Why Don't We Go
9-Be My Serpentine
10-Tell Us Who You Are
12-Hungry For Rock

Order hard copy via PayPal

EUR 12,- incl shipping

october 24 2015

    New release (Alternative rock): One Wonders - Heart over Mind


Track list:
1-The Warmth Inside
2-Land of Gold
3-Dance to Stay
4-The Redeemer

Order hard copy via PayPal (EUR 7,- incl shipping)

october 1 2015

    New release (Extreme death-metal): The Scalding - Edge of Sanity


september 4 2015

    New release (rock-metal-crossover): Battles of 1977 - Broken Arrow, Repeat Broken Arrow part 2


Track list:
1-Bleeding My Blood Away
2-Army Of Careerists
3-Broken Enemies
4-Crazy Glue
5-Goose Stepping With The Marionets
6-Money By Repetition
7-The Art Of Paratrooping
8-Can't You See The People At The Party Are Phoney
10-Ironclad Battledressed
11-Victory Parade

july 31 2015

    New release (metal): Phoenix'Ashes - Until all we have left is slipping away (single)


april 24 2015

    New release (metal): Phoenix'Ashes - What we all face, is what we fear most (single)


april 16 2015

    New release (stonre/heavy rock): GOOM - Solar Motel (CD & LP)


Track list:
1-Universal Evils
2-Broke the Mold
3-King Instigator
5-Who is Your God
6-Never Trust a Pretty Face
7-Black and White
8-Just Like Rats
10-Lend me Your Blood
11-Battles Frozen
12-Rivers Run Dry

Buy hard copy vinyl (CD disc included) via PayPal (EUR 22,50 incl shipping)

april 1 2015

    New release (indie-rock): We Fall Slowly - Do You Wanna / Cold Again (single)


march 6 2015

    New release (rock-metal-crossover): Battles of 1977 - Broken Arrow, Repeat Broken Arrow part 1


Track list:
1-Broken Arrow
3-The Cocksucker
4-Days Of Rage
5-Go Take A Flying Fuck
6-You Aint On My Frequency (But You Still Keep On Talking)
9-Iron Soul
10-Loose Cannon Factory
11-Like Monkeys Fucking A Football
12-No More Music By The Suckers
13-Stand Alone
14-That Game

february 27 2015

    New release (indie-rock): 90 Day Jane - Essence of Time


february 14 2015

    New release (indie-rock): We Fall Slowly - Right Here (acoustic version ft. Elynn)

     Available as digital download only.


february 5 2015

    New release (metal): Defcon One - The Perfection of Slavey

     Available as digipack hard-copy and digital download.


january 22 2015

    New release (emo/rock/metal): Phoenix'Ashes - Monsters are only real if you allow them to be (single)


september 27 2014

    New release (rock): We Fall Slolw - Butterfly Guillotine (EP)


    For now the new EP is only available as hard copy. Also 'We Fall Slowly' will release two more singles later this year.

september 15 2014

    New release (rock): Faith Healer - Turn Up Sound


september 12 2014

    New release (rock): Penelope - Bounce Back


september 10 2014

The new RVPrecords YouTube Channel is available:

august 23 2014

    New release (rock): We Fall Slolw - Take My Hand


    Also 'We Fall Slowly' will release an EP (hard-copy only) and two more singles later this year.

august 8 2014

    RVPrecords sampler #1, featuring some of the RVPrecords artists, is now available at the webstore


june 25 2014

    New release (rock): Drunken Dreams - Renegade


april 4 2014

    New release (metal): Firezone - Hell to Pay


march 3 2014

    New release (rock): My Own Army - Too Many Faces


february 28 2014

    Listen to all RVPrecords releases on the Spotify Playlist


february 6 2014

    New release (emo/rock/metal): Phoenix'Ashes - Unspoken Answers


february 1 2014

    New release (indie): We Fall Slowly - Right Here


january 28 2014

    New release (progressive rock): Clockwork - Dawn


december 13 2013

    New release (metal): Defcon One (NL) - Able Archer '83


december 6 2013

    New release (metal): Defcon One (NL) - Fuck You, And Die!


november 1 2013

    New release (indiecore): We Fall Slowly - Harmless / Cut Your Lies


october 24 2013

    The Nem-Q debut album 'Opportunities of Tomorrow' has been re-released by RVPrecords: Nem-Q - Opportunities of Tomorrow


october 11 2013

    New release (extreme death metal): The Scalding - The Conscious Dilemma


october 10 2013

    If you would like to receive promotional releases of RVPrecords, fill out the webform

august 15 2013

    15 years after the release of Dreadlock Pussy's first demo-tape, RVPrecords re-releases the album digitally.
    It's available at all the major download stores.

        Dreadlock Pussy - La Migra

august 10 2013

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october 1 2012

    New release (southern rock): Circus Mayhem - Filipino Tiger Show EP

        Circus Mayhem - Filipino Tiger Show

september 21 2012

    New release (progressive rock): Nem-Q - 301.81

        Nem-Q - 301.81

june 15 2012

    New release (elektro/synth rock): RVProject - The Cave Leads / Unstructure